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Our COBRA Administration Tools

myCobraPlan’s User-friendly COBRA Administration

myCobraPlan offers the most user-friendly, comprehensive administration solution available. Our system is a fully automated web-based solution with easy access to all your COBRA information. myCobraPlan eliminates the need to fill out paper forms for submitting COBRA-eligible individuals and allows real-time access to all your company’s data. myCobraPlan’s application features include:

Information Storage

We store all your participant’s information and a copy of all notifications sent to them in our system for quick access.

  • Qualified Beneficiaries Benefit Data
  • Dependents and Life Events
  • All Notifications Sent to Qualified Beneficiary
  • Proof of First Class Mailing
  • Reports to Access Specific Information


myCobraPlan assures worry-free compliance with all required notifications. Depending on the event, the proper notification will be sent to the qualified beneficiary or new plan member.

Below is a list of some of the required letters our system generates:

  • The General Rights letter to employees and their family once they elect a company-sponsored health plan.
  • The Specific Rights letter and election form to employees and their family once a qualifying event occurs.
  • The Enrollment letter with Coupon Booklet if they elect to continue coverage.
  • Carrier Notifications once the qualified beneficiary elects coverage.
  • The Termination letter to the qualified beneficiary once their continued coverage ends or they fall out of COBRA compliance.

Administration of Participants

The compliance of your company’s COBRA benefits is managed by our administrators and automated by our system. We make it easy by:

  • Requesting information from participants as required by law.
  • Processing election forms and premium payments.
  • Monitoring participant timelines and requirements to continue coverage.
  • Allowing the participant access to their online information including paying premiums online.

Your Compliance Is Assured!

Access to Your Account and Participant Information – myCobraPlan gives you access to all your information anytime, anywhere through our secure, web-based system.

Entering Information Online – All information for a newly qualified beneficiary or new plan member can be added anytime online with your secure login. This information will be reflected in our system in real-time.

Retrieving Information – All your information can be viewed by individual entry or collected together with any one of our standard reports. These reports are available for you to generate and access anytime.

Customer Support – You will have access to your individual COBRA certified administrator via phone or e-mail.

Peace of Mind – We keep you compliant with the most up-to-date COBRA regulations and maintain all your records in compliance with the law so you can focus on growing your business.

Contact our sales team today to request a quote and a more in-depth overview of what myCobraPlan will do for you!