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COBRA compliance isn’t about what you did; it’s about what you can prove you did.  If a lawsuit is ever brought against your company, the only way to keep from paying penalties and fines is having documented proof of what occurred.  If you are unsure if your company’s COBRA documentation process is sufficient, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Who? To whom was the mailing sent? Did it include applicable family members?
  • What? What was communicated in the mailing? Is there a copy of the letter archived?
  • When? When was the mailing sent? Was it sent within the proper timeline?
  • Where? Where was the mailing sent? Did it go to the last known address?
  • How? Was the notice mailed with proof of mail?

myCobraPlan sends all COBRA mailings via first class with proof of mail and tracks all the above details on your behalf. And, it’s all indefinitely archived, which means we can provide proof should the need arise. If any of these questions cause you concern, it’s probably time to review your COBRA processes.

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