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Help Your Employees Discover Their “Hidden” Paycheck!

When most people think of “employee compensation” they picture a check in hand, and assume that it ends with the amount they deposit into their bank account. But you, the employer, know that employee compensation doesn’t just stop with take-home pay – and it can be significantly more than an employee realizes.

How much happier would your employees be if they were reminded of the value of the benefits package that you provide? Chances are that a clear, colorful, easy-to-read benefit summary showing the value of their total compensation package in real dollars would brighten their day considerably, and myBenefitStatements can help! A division of BusinessPlans, Incorporated, myBenefitStatements provides you with customized employee benefit statements to help you show your employees the value of their “hidden” paychecks!

myBenefitStatements knows that you, the employer, work hard to provide a safe, profitable, and motivational environment for your employees, and providing them with benefit statements gives the additional advantages of:

  • Increasing compensation understanding and appreciation
  • Improving morale
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing hiring and training costs (lower turnover)

myBenefitStatements allows you to communicate the true value of your company’s compensation package to your employees. Visit for more details, and contact myBenefitStatements for your custom employee benefit statement solution!