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COBRA Administration - Made Easy

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Simplified Compliance with Government Regulations

As your comprehensive COBRA Administrator, we give you and your participants peace of mind by helping you comply with complex and confusing COBRA regulations. myCobraPlan focuses on the administrative details, leaving you time to focus on your mission critical projects.


What will partnering with myCobraPlan do for you?

Relieve any fear you may have of not being COBRA compliant. Save you time and money by outsourcing your administration with us. Provide access to all your company's COBRA information any time of the day. Give you & your participants a resource for all your COBRA needs and questions.


COBRA Administration
Made Easy

COBRA administration is complicated and confusing. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Of 2009 is an example of how quickly COBRA law can change and how complicated compliance can become. If you’re not keeping up with these changes, it can be costly. Non-compliance can result in significant penalties legal fees, and productivity losses. myCobraPlan can help keep you compliant, reduce your work load, and free up time to focus on the things that make your company successful.


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COBRA Checklist Audit List

Are FSA’s a COBRA eligible benefit?

Are FSA’s a COBRA eligible benefit? Let’s take a vote…should you offer COBRA for a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? A. Yes B. No C. That’s a loaded question! The answer is C, “That’s a loaded question!”. Although commonly overlooked, FSAs are a COBRA eligible benefit.  By definition health FSAs are a Group Health Plan and […]

COBRA Checklist Audit List

The COBRA Initial Notice – Are You Compliant?

The COBRA Initial Notice – Are You Compliant? Did you know that one of the most important COBRA notices is the “initial notice” or what is referred to as the “general rights notice”?  Properly providing this notice is frequently overlooked by employers or the method of delivery does not meet COBRA compliance regulations.  Noncompliance  can […]

the cost of not doing cobra right

The $84,385.17 postage stamp…don’t let it happen to you.

The $84,385.17 postage stamp…don’t let it happen to you. We all know the cost of postage continues to rise, but $84,385.17 for one stamp?  Unfortunately, $84,385.17 is what one employer was fined because they neglected to mail one COBRA dental election notice to a former employee. Considering an $84,385.17 potential fine for one missed mailing, […]


Important Considerations for COBRA Subsidies

Important Considerations for COBRA Subsidies Although uncommon, there are occasions when Employers offer to pay for all or a portion of a former employee’s COBRA premium. At times, a severance agreement will include a clause which offers to withhold the premium from severance payments going forward for a period of time (not to exceed the […]


Is COBRA Still Relevant Under the ACA?

The Affordable Care Act changed a lot of things about the health insurance market in the United States. Among them: It granted some more options to those who had pre-existing conditions but who lost their access to a workplace plan because of job loss, layoff, benefit reduction or divorce.However, COBRA hasn’t gone away, and for […]