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Simplified Compliance with Government Regulations

As your comprehensive COBRA Administrator, we give you and your participants peace of mind by helping you comply with complex and confusing COBRA regulations. myCobraPlan focuses on the administrative details, leaving you time to focus on your mission critical projects.


What will partnering with myCobraPlan do for you?

Relieve any fear you may have of not being COBRA compliant. Save you time and money by outsourcing your administration with us. Provide access to all your company's COBRA information any time of the day. Give you & your participants a resource for all your COBRA needs and questions.


COBRA Administration
Made Easy

COBRA administration is complicated and confusing. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Of 2009 is an example of how quickly COBRA law can change and how complicated compliance can become. If you’re not keeping up with these changes, it can be costly. Non-compliance can result in significant penalties legal fees, and productivity losses. myCobraPlan can help keep you compliant, reduce your work load, and free up time to focus on the things that make your company successful.


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FSA, COBRA and Rollover: It’s Complicated

FSA, COBRA and Rollover: It’s Complicated We’ve already discussed that Health FSAs are COBRA eligible. If that’s a new topic for you, check out our article.  However, the inner workings of how FSAs and COBRA interact create complications that require detailed clarification.  One such topic is how FSA rollovers impact COBRA premiums.  If it seems […]


FSAs and HRAs Don’t Count for COBRA, Right?

FSAs and HRAs Don’t Count for COBRA, Right? Wrong! Although commonly overlooked, FSAs and HRAs are COBRA eligible benefits.  To avoid incurring fines and penalties and remain in compliance, the Department of Labor states that COBRA should be offered to any benefit defined as a group health plan.  By definition this includes all HRAs and […]


What is a “COBRA” Eligible Plan Anyway…

What is a “COBRA” Eligible Plan Anyway… Typically, when you think of plans eligible for COBRA continuation, you think of medical, dental and vision plans. While these are the most common they are not the only plans that are COBRA eligible.    COBRA rules state that if a plan is legally defined as a group health plan, […]

COBRA Checklist Audit List

Headcounts Matter

Headcounts Matter Employers often wonder if they are required to offer COBRA. Typically, that answer is yes.  Nearly all group health plans of employers must comply with COBRA regulations.  However, there are a few exceptions.  Federal government plans and certain church plans are not subject to COBRA.  Small employers are also exempt, but one needs […]


Can you guess the two most common COBRA questions?

Can you guess the two most common COBRA questions? As a COBRA third party administrator, two of the most common questions we hear are “What is COBRA” and “Why is it so expensive?” So today, we are going to tackle these questions from a 30,000 foot perspective: 1.What is COBRA? It is an acronym and […]